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Elgin South Insurance

Commercial Trucking Program


Material Haulers, Dry Freight, Refrigerated, Intermodal Haulers, Low Boy Equipment, Flat Bed Haulers, Straight Truck & Contractors

Rates  Available for Single Unit Owner Operator’s  up to 50 units Fleets

Elgin South Insurance offers Primary:

  • Commercial Auto Liability limits up to $1,000,000. Combined Single Limit and split limit. 
  • Physical Damage for your equipment with values up to $150,000 per unit 
  • Cargo coverage up to $150,000 limits and Refrigeration is also available with break down as an option.
  • Interchange trailer, Hired and Non Owned trailer needed in Intermodal trucking  Along with the Non Contributory wording and UIIA agreements needed to operate with the UIIA and its Providers. 
  • We are also authorized UIIA insurance agents & registered Illinois Processing Agents for the BOC-3 and UCR Agreements.

* Example Sand & Gravel Hauler Local Radius
2009 Mack CH6 Tractor Value $ 15,000
2012 Hilbilt Dump Trailer Value $ 20,000

Liability Limit $1,000,000 CSL
Uninsured/UnderInsured $1,000,000 CSL
Medical 5,000.
Comprehensive Deductible 1,000.
Collision Deductible 1,000.
Total Annual Premium $3,233
Financing is Available Up To 9 Installments

Pay your account in Full and Save 15%
Rate is based on driver 38 no violations 3 year CDL+ DuPage Garaging

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Liability Insurance

For bodily injury and property damage liability exposure, one should consider an auto liability insurance poicy. This policy will protect truckers by covering many different types of harm that they can unintentionally inflict on others and their property. This includes accidental damage to a retailer’s delivery dock, to other drivers, vehicles, and pedestrians.

Cargo Insurance

Your clients rely on you to safely deliver their cargo in the same condition it was in when they turned it over to you. With cargo insurance you can reimburse a client for qualifying damages made to their cargo during transport—and all without tapping into your business bank account except to pay the deductible.

Bobtail Insurance

When your truck is without cargo, it still needs protection. Bobtail insurance covers your truck even when it is not operational.

Physical Damage Insurance

If your truck is in an accident or collision, you need the right commercial insurance policy protecting your financial interests. Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance can cover various accidents and damages caused by theft, vandalism and fire.

Environmental Liability Insurance

If your truck carries cargo that can be environmentally toxic or could contribute to pollution, you need special insurance to help pay for the cost of the cleanup if it should be spilled in an accident. Environmental liability insurance will cover this expense, as long as it occurs in a qualifying situation.

Thank you for your interest in Elgin South Insurance. We work to find you the best policy to fit your needs and budget. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 847-429-1111 or email us and an insurance agent will reply promptly.

Insuring:  Hampshire, St. Charles, Algonquin and Chicago, Illinois